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Working progress of CIIE

Relying on the strong domestic-customer base and global network, we cooperate with the pre-preparation and investment promotion of China International Import Export Bureau, and do the best publicity.

The headquarter pays high attention to the first term of CIIE, and takes multiple measures to give impetus to the program. From several aspects such as mechanism guarantee, docking between bank and government, marketing services, publicity and promotion and other aspects, we will form a long-term mechanism for CIIE.

Under the leadership of the headquarter, a working group was established. There are plenty of department participating in the group. There are Corporate Banking, Inclusive Finance, Institutional Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Bank Card Business department, Settlement &Cash Management Business department, Internet Finance department, Asset Management Services department, Precious Metal Business department, Financial Market Business department, Investment Banking and other departments. The working group has convenued a number of meetings to unify their thoughts and build consensus.