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International banking

• Featured Products of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for CIIE

• The featured products of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for CIIE include:

• We can open a variety of foreign exchange accounts for enterprises. (21 currencies including USD、EUR,、HKD、JPY、GBP,、SGD,、AUD,、CAD,、CHF、THB、KRW、MYR、RUB、KZT、ZAR、AED and so on.

• We boast strong domestic-foreign currency clearing systems, global settlement network and independent system of overseas correspondent banks’ accounts.

• We can provide one-stop service like opening Letter of Credit. Besides , we also render sevices of Import Collection、Outward Collection、Guarantee Opening、Guarantee Transferring、Credit Confirmation, and build global product lines of international trade、overseas projects and cross-border investment and financing.

• We offer the international trade financing services including Import Discounting、Packing Loan、Forfaiting、Factoring, also the competitive financing price、flexible financing term and tailored financing programme for our customers.