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Actively introducing and promoting foreign investment banks to Shanghai

Taking the advantage of the ICBC working group,the Shanghai Branch welcomed the South African Standard Bank to Shanghai to participate in CIIE and accompanied the Standard Bank Group and the African Representative Office to visit Sun Chenghai,the Deputy Director of CIIE.

Under the active promotion of the International Department of the Headquarter, the Standard Bank of South Africa confirmed the participation, the exhibition area is 90 square meters, and the agreement contract is being signed.

Create a high-quality marketing environment and service brand

In order to create a high-quality marketing environment and service brand, the company has held a number of mobilization meetings of China Expo Fair marketing service to unify our thinking and build consensus; to extensively expand the influence and coverage of the ICBC Service Import Expo, the Shanghai Branch makes full use of the advantages of online and offline network outlets, and to carry out a variety of publicity events at all of the involved branches.